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distractions for competitive dancers

10 Appearance-Related Distractions for Competitive Dancers

Costumes and appearance issues can cause distractions for competitive dancers. Take the time to make your appearance a great part of your performance!

1. Costumes that fit inappropriately. Pulling, tugging, or adjusting a costume during a dance can be very distracting. The costume should fit comfortably and functionally for the entirety of a routine.

2. Costumes that do not flatter every member of an ensemble. Take every dancer into account when selecting costuming. The costume choice should make every ensemble member feel and look great.

3. Costumes lacking coverage. Costuming should be appropriate and should not make audience members uncomfortable. Keep it classy!

4. Noticeable undergarments. Undergarments (including nude leotards) should not be noticeable onstage. Pin the undergarments to hide them from view.

5. Nail polish. Unless there are uniform requirements for nails, nail polish and designs should be removed for performance.

6. Tights with Runs. Tights should look clean onstage. Tights with holes/runs are distracting. Pack extras and be prepared for emergencies.

7. Sloppy Hair. Hair should be styled and secured to last throughout the entire performance. 

8. Loose Accessories. From hairpieces to gloves to bootstraps to jewelry, it is important that any and all costume accessories be secure enough to last throughout the performance.

9. Dirty or Mismatched Shoes. Shoes should be the same style and should be wiped clean for performance. Dirty or mismatched shoes are very distracting.

10. One Shoe Look. Not Okay!

Take the time to make your appearance a great part of your performance! The look is like writing your name on a school paper– take care of the preparation portion before it is time to shine on stage. Then, the performance can fully focus on the representation of your talent!