Press Kit

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Tututix is Free to Studio Owners

The assets you need to design and write about Tututix.

Use this guide to get the latest in our visual identity and ensure you follow the guidelines to help us keep our branding consistent all over the web.

Paid by Studio Owners


Paid by Ticket Buyers

5% per ticket

(includes processing)

Tututix is Free to Studio Owners

Ticket buyers pay $1 + 5% per ticket

(includes processing)

Spelling and Capitalization

Tututix is written as one word with no spaces beginning with a capital “T” followed by lowercase letters.

Please do not hyphenate, capitalize additional letters, or add spaces within the brand name.


Tututix Pink
#E95485     rgb (233,84,133)    cmyk (3,82,21,0)

Tutu Blue
#41B6E6     rgb (65, 182, 230)    cmyk (64,9,1,0)

Tututix Logos

Our official logo for public use. Available in dark and light versions.

About Us

Official company description and sales team profiles.

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