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adding rhinestones to dance costumes

3 Tips for Adding Rhinestones to Costumes

It is the season of stoning- rhinestones! Use the following tips to expedite the application process for adding rhinestones to dance costumes.

  1. Use a tool to pick up your stones! There are some commercially available devices for picking up rhinestones, but parrafin wax is effective…and inexpensive. Canning wax is available at most grocery stores. Cut a block of the wax and use a knife to carve down one side. The end result should look something like a short pencil with a flat tip. The flat tip is what you will use to retrieve the rhinestones. It is the perfect amount of stickiness for picking up your stones.
  2. Use E-6000 glue for the application process.  This glue is available at any crafting store.
  3. To keep the process organized, place some glue on a piece of paper and use a bent paperclip or needle to apply the glue. Dab the stone right on top of the glue using the paraffin applicator.

By applying these tips, you will be faster and more productive in adding rhinestones, making your dance costumes glitzy and glam in no time!

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