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Dance Studio Equipment

3 Tips on Purchasing Dance Studio Equipment

If you’re planning to open your own studio and finally secured the place of your dreams, it’s time to start thinking about the equipment you need. Ideally, you should start this process at least six months before opening day. This will give you adequate time to find the best deals, purchase the high-quality products and get everything installed. Here are three tips on what dance studio equipment you need prior to opening.

1. Make A Realistic List

The first step when buying dance studio equipment is to plan out exactly what you need. noted that the essential pieces are floor-length mirrors, adequate floor for dancing, barres and a stereo system. Mostly every studio needs these items, and they’ll likely make up the majority of your expenses. Many times you will be able to find quality products for a reduced price when a dance studio is closing, so stay tuned into dance forums and keep an ear about about closings in your area. Also, don’t forget that you’ll probably need to pay for installation, so budget accordingly.

Once you have these items accounted for, you can consider purchasing other equipment for your studio. Things like props, mats, exercise balls and chairs should be secondary considerations. If you have the money for extra products, that’s great, but don’t spend cash you don’t have. You can always pick up supplementary equipment once classes have started.

2. Choose Quality Over Quantity

When you’re first starting a studio, chances are that you’re working on a limited budget. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of dance studio equipment because you’re strapped for cash. Ballet Barres Online explained that versatility and durability are two characteristics that will pay for themselves when it comes to dance equipment. If you invest in high-quality floors, mirrors and barres, you’ll probably save money in the long run because they won’t break or wear out. Durable, well-made equipment is also safer for your students and instructors. Look for equipment that you can use for all your classes. Adjustable barres are often helpful if you teach both toddlers and teens.

3. Don’t Forget Gadgets

Dance related items are probably at the front of your mind, but don’t forget that there are certain electronics you’ll need to invest in. A computer, phone and printer are all essential to your studio’s office. You may also want to look into a studio management program to help streamline the business aspects of your school.