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dance competition essentials

Dance Competition Essentials: 5 Things You Should Always Have

Regardless of whether you’re a ballet dancer or into hip-hop, there are a few critical items every dancer needs at competitions. Without these items, something is bound to go awry. While other products may seem more essential, these five help every dancer be at their best at dance competitions. Whether you’re a forgetful person or always on top of your game, don’t forget these five dance competition essentials!

1. Hair Supplies

Believe it or not, hair can play a larger role in your dance score than you think. Along with accurate timing and a smile on your face, your hair should always be put together and kept in place. However, managing these expectations can be difficult.

You may figure that your hair will stay in place on its own, but after performing a few routines, it will begin to come out. That’s why every dancer needs a hairbrush, hairspray and plenty of bobby pins, Backstage noted. Each part of this group is critical to a dancer’s performance. If a dancer’s hair begins to fall out of its style, it can distract them, get in their eyes and potentially cause them to mess up their dance steps. Make sure that the bottle of hairspray is big, as you might have to apply again after a few performances. Pack hundreds of bobby pins, in case a dance partner or teammate needs a few extras.

2. Extra Tights

Tights are an essential dance item and come with almost every dance costume, the University of Texas-Dallas stated. Yet this necessary item often tears quite easily. Torn tights can make a dancer’s appearance look sloppy and disheveled during her performance.

Whether your tights rip while you’re offstage or they catch on a splinter during your first performance, it’s important to have back up! Make sure you pack at least two more pairs of tights in your bag that are the exact same color as your current pair, unless you need different colors for different outfits. You don’t want to be scrambling last minute looking for an extra pair of tights!

3. Warm-up Gear

Every dance studio’s temperature can be different, so it’s important to be prepared. Always bring a pair of loose pants and a zip-up sweatshirt to warm up in before your dance performances. Plus, if your routine involves a lot of movement on the ground, your warm ups will prevent your costume from getting dirty!

4. A Nutritious Snack

A day at a dance competition can sometimes be long and grueling. While some venues may have places that dancers and families can grab a quick bite, not all do. In these instances, it’s wise for dancers to pack a healthy snack for themselves during the competition.

Getting in a nutritious snack, instead of an unhealthy one, can help dancers get through their routines without feeling weighed down. Consider small, easy-to-eat snacks such as cheese and crackers or celery and peanut butter. Both these snacks have a little bit of protein as well as carbohydrates to keep dancers satisfied and energetic throughout their routines.

5. Water

Regardless of the length of your competition, it’s important to stay hydrated. As mentioned, some venues can get really hot, and during more intense routines, dancers may sweat a lot and become dehydrated. It’s important to replenish the fluids lost to keep dancers at their best.

Every dancer at every level needs to constantly drink water to keep from fainting or becoming light-headed during a performance, which can be very dangerous and lead to threatening injuries. Consider getting a large, hard plastic bottle that is resilient and durable. That way, if you’re on the go, you’ll have enough water without immediately needing to fill up.