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Dance Studio Open House Ideas

5 Dance Studio Open House Ideas

If you’re looking to wrangle some new students for the upcoming dance season, you’d better make sure your open house is one to remember. Families who are looking to enroll their children in dance class are probably shopping around for a studio, so you need to stand out from the pack. Use these dance studio open house ideas┬áto make the most of your upcoming open house and ensure everyone has a great time.

1. Market to 2 Different People

Your marketing efforts for an open house should be focused at two groups: the parents of current students and of potential students. This means you’ll need a two-pronged approach to advertising. Dance Studio Life suggested sending postcards and emails to your current students to encourage them to attend and invite friends. If your budget is tight, stick to digital methods of advertising like newsletters and social media for this group.

You’ll need to have a more thorough marketing strategy to attract the attention of potential parents. Consider running ads in the local paper, putting your event on town calendars and posting fliers at local schools and community centers. Your ads should be highly visible to both parents and students. If there are any upcoming local events, consider doing a little in-person marketing as well.

2. Designate Times for Each Age Group

If you offer classes for dancers of different ages, it will be beneficial to have potential students come to your studio at separate times. Dance Advantage explained that it’s nearly impossible to teach a 3 year old and a preteen at the same time. Instead, set aside specific time for each demo class, information sessions and general questions. Include the schedule on your marketing materials. Taking these steps will ensure you appear professional and organized to potential parents.

3. Collect Contact Info

Even if parents don’t sign up during your event, collect their contact information. Have visitors┬ásign in and log their email address before their child can attend a demo class. You might need to have a volunteer man the sign-in book to ensure that no one is slipping by. If you have attendees emails addresses, you can stay in contact with them and be available if they do decide to sign up. Send out a short thank-you email the day after your event and follow up in a few weeks. Don’t be too pushy, but make yourself available for any questions and feedback parents have to offer.

4. Make It Fun for Parents

While open houses mostly cater to potential students, you want the parents to have a good time too. Offer snacks and beverages, have ample seating and have volunteers chat up prospective parents. Making the parents feel welcome and comfortable can go a long way in their decision-making process. Dance Advantage also suggested that you play adult-friendly music. If you’re playing “The Wiggles” on loop, it can get annoying and cause parents to leave sooner than they planned. Try to switch up your tunes to include songs that older generations know and love, but that are still appropriate for the children.

5. Offer a Sign-Up Special

To boost the number of signups you get, offer a special deal on dance attire or class costs. Parents are more apt to commit the day of if there are savings involved. You don’t have to require people to pay any money, just take names and detailed contact information to find out who is serious about signing up. This will give you a good idea of how many new students you might be looking at and help you to get one foot in the door before the hard sell.