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5 Inexpensive Dance Studio Marketing Tips

5 Inexpensive Dance Studio Marketing Tips

It can be hard to get word of your dance studio to the public without dishing out money for advertisements. However, the are lots of viable dance studio marketing options for small businesses that embrace creativity.

1. Make the most of social media

It’s not enough to simply have a Facebook page or Twitter account – they need to be complete and active. The first step is to fill out every aspect of your page. Include a detailed “About” section, your hours, location, phone number and email.

Post Planner suggested that you create a posting strategy for each social media platform. This will help you stay consistent with content and keep the page fresh for returning visitors. Outline what days you’ll post on – aim for a minimum of two or three posts each week – and what kind of content you’ll include. As you become a social media veteran, you’ll notice which types of content – text, pictures, videos, open questions – get the most feedback from fans.

2. Send monthly newsletters

Sending newsletters via email requires a little preparation, but the results are worth it. Entrepreneur explained that email marketing drives website traffic, so build email into your dance studio marketing plan! Email communication establishes your expertise and allows you to stay in contact with customers.

To start your own newsletter, you’ll need two things: email addresses and software. Thankfully, both of these things come free. You can only send emails to people who have knowingly given their contact information, so have your current customers sign up at your studio or on social media. Once you have your list, it’s easy to import that list into free newsletter software like MailChimp. Most platforms are user-friendly, even for technophobes. Just create an account, pick a template and you’re good to go.

3. Partner with other local businesses

Forming a partnership with local businesses is a great way to reach new customers. For example, your dance studio may want to hold joint promotions with a local costume shop. When parents buy an advertisement in your brochure, you can give them a coupon for new dance attire, and in return, your partner will promote your business.

This back-scratching technique doesn’t necessarily have to be between complementary businesses. If you cater your end-of-year showcase, ask the restaurant to hang a poster and have fliers available. The possibilities of cooperation between small businesses are endless.

4. Employ fun guerilla marketing techniques

More creatively inclined businesspeople can benefit from attention-catching guerilla marketing tactics. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Entrepreneur explained guerilla marketing as any unconventional and unexpected method of advertising – think of yarn-bombing or cutouts people pose with. When done correctly, guerilla tactics are inexpensive and garner a lot of attention, but the tricky part is making sure your chosen methods are legal and don’t step on anyone’s toes.

For an upcoming show, dance studio marketing could mean drawing murals in sidewalk chalk to increase awareness. Ask permission from the city, then pick local places where parents are apt to be and create a colorful advertisement on the sidewalk. Another idea is to spell out words by sticking cups into a chain link fence – like high school sports teams do. Again, make sure you ask permission from the owner, but it’s a simple, eye-catching advertisement that will cost you pennies.

5. Volunteer in your community

Getting out into the community is an underrated way to meet people and build your fan base. It can be any type of involvement, from volunteering at a food kitchen to selling tickets for an art show. You don’t need to do anything except represent your brand (maybe wear a T-shirt with your logo) and be friendly. Be sure to carry business cards. The National Federation of Independent Business suggested that something as simple as joining clubs can be a great way to advertise via word of mouth.