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6 Dance Movies to Watch on Netflix

Editor’s Note: As a reader mentioned, not all of these dance movies/shows are appropriate for children. Parents—please use discretion when making viewing choices.

What the next-best thing to dancing? Why, dance movies, of course! If you have a Netflix subscription, there are a bunch of awesome movies available to see great choreography and talent on the big screen.

Here are some great movies that dancers need to watch!

1. ‘A Ballerina’s Tale’

If you haven’t seen this documentary, make a point to watch it. It’s a must-see story following the journey of world-famous Misty Copeland.

2. ‘Ballet 422’

Go backstage with the New York Ballet, from the first rehearsal to world premiere, following choreographer Justin Peck as he and the company prepare a new piece.

3. ‘Newsies’

“Newsies” is a Broadway production featuring tremendous talent in musical theatre. Follow the turn-of-the-century story of “newsboys” hoping to build a better life for themselves on the streets of New York.

4. ‘Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan’

Wendy Whelan is one of the most celebrated dancers of our time. In this documentary and behind the scenes film, we get to see Wendy (now retired) continue her artistic journey.

5. ‘High Strung’

This movie is fun and has some really talented performances! Kick back and let the hip-hop/classical fusion take you away.

6. ‘High School Musical’

It’s hard to forget just how great a job the producers of this movie did with the choreography. It’s worth a watch just to see that impressive group dancing!