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Tips for Selecting Age-Appropriate Music

Choosing Fun, Age-Appropriate Music for Dance Recitals

As the owner of a dance studio, it’s your job to make sure recitals are an enjoyable experience for both your dancers and their parents. When you’re preparing for that end-of-year showcase, you’ll likely be in charge of picking the music to which classes will perform. While the students will probably want to dance to the biggest radio hits, you’ll need to make sure to choose age-appropriate music. Use these tips to pick the perfect beats for your big show and wow the audience, while still giving your dancers what they want.

Consider Your Audience

It’s important to keep your students happy, but if their parents are in the audience, you should be catering music choices to them too. No matter what age your students are, Dance Fullout recommends that you steer clear of overly sexy or vulgar music. Be sure to listen to the full song, paying close attention to the words, before you decide to use it.

If there will be other audience members, consider their tastes as well. If your dancers are inviting their grandparents, Dance Fullout suggested picking an older song for one routine. If your dancers are going to perform for their peers, it might be better to choose a popular radio piece. Again, make sure to listen through the song and purchase edited versions of any songs popular on the radio so you’re not surprised by tunes that aren’t age-appropriate music on the night of the performance!

Use Musical Favorites

If the songs your students suggest are wrought with parental advisory warnings, it might be beneficial to start looking for age-appropriate music in other places. Dance Teacher recommended browsing through the soundtracks from fun musicals. If you choose to base a routine off a musical, you can watch the show as a class to get everyone excited. Dance Teacher suggested that songs from “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” “My Fair Lady” or “The Lion King” would make great age-appropriate routines for young dancers.

Go Instrumental

Instrumental tracks are an easy way to eliminate controversial lyrics. Dance-Teacher recommended browsing international compilation CDs to mix up your recital. These tracks provide a great beat and allow all focus to be on your dancers. If the music inspires you, you can create a unique routine that showcases your dancers’ talents.

Hire a Professional Editor

If you choose to edit a song, make sure that all transitions are smooth. Dance Fullout explained that professional editors can ensure that sections are cut out perfectly, the track is the right length and that there are no skips or malfunctions. This is especially important if you choose to create a mashup of songs. The audience will be distracted if your music is of a low quality. It’s a worthwhile investment to tailor your music perfectly.