Broadway Bound Dance Center is pleased to welcome you to our 26th annual Spring Recital, “Things We Love”,… Starring your CHILDREN!!! Be prepared to create a treasured memory and share the joy as your dancers take Center Stage and Trip The Light Fantastic. Our performers will showcase a unique glitz—the sparkles in their excited eyes, an unforgettable display of glamour and their precious smiles!

After months of tapping and turning, these talented dancers are poised to WOW you with the fruits of their hard work and their love of dance. Bright lights, festive costumes and great dancing come together in a stellar performance that you will always remember!

We are extremely proud of our students’ growth this year! They have exceeded our expectations and we are ecstatic to CELEBRATE their miles of smiles with you!!!

Purchase your tickets now to get the best seats! You don’t want to miss a step!

Please verify your dancer’s performance on the Participation Report before buying tickets. The report can be found by clicking HERE.

More Than Just Great Dancing!