For the safety of the dancers and comfort of the audience, videotaping of the recital is NOT ALLOWED, nor is flash photography. This includes (but is not limited to) video/cameras, tablets, smartphones, ipods, etc. Please note that you are accepting responsibility for adherence to this policy for every guest you are purchasing a ticket for. Anyone seen by our ushers or other guests taping or taking flash photos will be asked to cease and desist. If it continues, they will be asked to leave the auditorium. If necessary, we will halt the show until the situation is resolved. Also, we prohibit the use of electronic devices (anything that emits a glowing screen, flash or noise). We have had complaints about the light emitted from these devices in the darkened theater. Everyone wants to enjoy watching their children without distractions. Please be respectful and polite. If you need to text or phone, please excuse yourself and go to the lobby.

Please Note: DVD’s of the recital are available for purchase. If you would like to video record, or take pictures of your dancer on stage, we happily invite you to do so at the Dress Rehearsal.

If you purchase tickets you consent on behalf of yourself and your guests to abide by the above policies.