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Dance Studio Ads

Dance Studio Ads on Facebook

Many small businesses have found that traditional advertising mediums like newspapers and flyers are becoming less effective in the digital age. If you’ve noticed that your dance studio advertising isn’t garnering the attention you’d like, you might benefit from a little bit of social media marketing. Facebook has a number of useful tools to help businesses create and optimize advertisements. Use these tips to make the most of your paid dance studio ads on the site.

Prepare Your Text and Images

Just like with other advertisement, you’ll want to put some time and effort into picking photos and writing text for your Facebook dance studio ads. Social Media Examiner explained that every ad should contain an offer or promotion, a call to action, relevant contact information and, if it fits, what sets you apart from the competition. Try to keep your text as concise as possible and use an objective tone so you don’t sound spammy.

As for photos, you’ll want to use images that are 600-by-315 pixels for optimum visibility. Crop or resize your favorite eye-catching pictures to get the attention of Facebook users. Don’t be afraid to use the test option to try out a variety of images and find which ones are the most engaging. Keep in mind that your ad photos can only be 20 percent text, or Facebook won’t approve them to run.

Start Small

Resist the urge to set a large budget for your first few ads. The Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce recommended allocating just $10 per day to start. You may not see huge results, but you’ll figure out how the system works and what you can expect from each ad. Run a few small campaigns to start out and eventually you can give more funding to your most successful advertisements.

Find What Works

Don’t get discouraged if you fumble around with your ads at first. There are lots of different options that you can use – sidebar ads, newsfeed posts, target markets – and you won’t understand them all from day one. What’s important is that you take advantage of the analytics available and learn from each campaign. One of the best features that Facebook offers small businesses is the ability to target local users with your ads. Simply select your town, state or nearby communities under the “audience” option, and your ad will be shown to people in those locations. Try different combinations to figure out which areas garner the most engagement. You’ll slowly figure out what works best in terms of content, format and funding, and before you know it, you’ll see increased interest in your studio.