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Dance Studio Decorating Ideas

Dance Studio Decorating Ideas on a Budget

If you just opened a studio or are in the process of revamping an old one, you’re likely working with a tight budget. It can be an overwhelming process to cover the blank walls in your hallways, waiting rooms and bathrooms if you’re stuck thinking inside the box. With a little imagination, you can use these dance studio decorating ideas to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with beautiful, inexpensive items.

Wall decals

When you think of wall decorations, pictures, posters and canvasses probably come to mind. However, wall decals have been gaining popularity because they’re fun, easy and inexpensive. You can get unique decals from for under $10. There are lots of different quotes, silhouettes and images to choose from. It’s a great way to quickly fill up your wall space with dancers, butterflies, flowers or whatever else suits your aesthetic. This is great for new studios, as you can simply peel the decals off if you find a great picture to hang later.

Old dance costumes

When you’re redoing an established studio or just moving locations, another inexpensive way to decorate is with costumes from past performances. If you’ve been to a busy sports restaurant, you’ve probably seen shadowboxes with jerseys in them. You can use the same idea to display some of your favorite costumes. It makes a great centerpiece for a collage of competition photographs and awards. You can also include ballet shoes, hair accessories or other items you’ve collected. If you don’t have any old costumes on hand, contact your alumni. Sentimental parents are sure to have kept a few items and might be willing to give them a new home.

Donated furniture

You don’t need to buy new furniture to decorate your office and waiting room. In fact, that’s probably the most expensive way to go. When looking for dance studio decorating ideas, ask your friends and family if they have any furniture they’re looking to get rid of. You’ll be amazed at how many handouts you get, especially if you offer to do the transport yourself. There will probably be some pieces that are too old or worn for use, but you’ll definitely find some gems that just need a little love.

Better Homes and Gardens explained that furniture with good bones can easily be turned into new treasures. If you’re willing to put in a little bit of handiwork, you can create a beautiful array of custom furniture for your studio. Sand down each chair, bench, desk or table, then prime, paint and seal them. You can add accents with scrapbook paper and new drawer pulls. If you take the time to redo furniture handouts, you can customize them to perfectly fit your tastes, and you’ll only be paying for paint!

Student artwork

Another option is to let your students help decorate. Dance Advantage suggested dedicating one class session to creating artwork with your students. Make it a learning experience by incorporating different types of music into artwork. Ask the students to draw the emotions that a song makes them feel or have them “dance” to the beat with crayons. Learning to connect art with dance will add a unique perspective to their education! After the class, you can ask if anyone would like to have their artwork displayed in the studio. Having hand-draw artwork will give the facility a sense of personality and make your students feel at home.