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Dance Studio Marketing Tips

Dance Studio Marketing Tips: How to Use Hashtags

If you’re looking to expand your social media following, use these dance studio marketing tips to learn how to use hashtags for effective posts. Hashtags, designated by the pound sign, are extremely popular on Twitter and Instagram, so much so that Facebook has started using them too!

Social Media Examiner explained that hashtags are used to categorize social media posts with similar content. They’ll help you connect with other people that are interested in what you’re posting about and thereby expand the reach of your marketing campaign.

Use these dance studio marketing tips to educate yourself about the best practices of hashtags and make the most of your dance studio’s social media accounts.

Hashtags for Different Purposes

Hashtags are used primarily to start and cultivate conversations over social media. There two main ways that your studio can use hashtags: to join a conversation or to start a new conversation.

Joining an established hashtag conversation is sure to connect you with lots of other users who have similar interests. For example, dance shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” or “Dance Moms” likely have hashtags that viewers can use to discuss the show while it’s airing. If you want to weigh in with your opinion, craft a tweet or Instagram post using #SYTYCD or #DanceMoms. These are likely very popular hashtags, so you have the opportunity to get noticed by a lot of new people. The downside is that your tweet or picture might get lost in the flood of similar posts.

Your other option is to create a new hashtag to get people engaged in a conversation. This is a good route if you’re hosting an event, attending a competition or offering important advice. The key is to choose a phrase that’s easy to remember and for people to find. One fun option is to post up-to-the-minute updates during your studio’s recital. Come up with a unique hashtag, like #XYZStudioRecital2014, and include it on your Twitter and Instagram posts. Encourage the students, parents and teachers to use the hashtag on their own social media posts. This will help you make new connections in the community, receive valuable feedback and share interesting content with other users.

Interacting with Your Target Audience

Once you create a post using a hashtag, the word or phrase will automatically become a link. When you click through, you’ll be able to see all the other posts containing the same hashtag. Use this to your advantage! Interact with four or five other people who are talking about the same subject. Retweet an interesting post on Twitter or leave a comment on someone’s Instagram picture. When you engage with other users, you’re dramatically increasing your chances of getting new followers and more profile views.

Of this collection of dance studio marketing tips, this step is especially important if you’ve created a unique hashtag. When you thank other users for weighing in on the conversation, you’re making them feel as though their message is being heard. In the future, those same people will be more likely to engage with your social media accounts.

Popular Hashtags

There are a number of hashtags that have become Internet sensations. DanceFit Marketing explained that these tags can be a great starting point for your social media accounts. For example, every Thursday, people around the world tweet and post to Instagram using the hashtag #TBT. This stands for “Throwback Thursday” and is used on nostalgic posts. You could easily use this hashtag on a picture of your studio’s grand opening or first official class. There are also popular tags related specifically to dance, like #TutuTuesday, when you can post your best shots of the adorable ballerinas at your studio.