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Hiring the Best Dance Instructor for Your Studio

Hiring the Best Dance Instructor for Your Studio

The quality of instruction at a dance studio can make or break the business. When opening your own studio, you want friendly, approachable, expert instructors, but how are you supposed to find them? Here are a few tips for finding and hiring the best dance instructor for your studio.

Scouring Resumes

There are many websites where dance instructors can post their resumes, such as, and other regional sites. This is definitely a good place for a studio owner to start. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a few qualified candidates in your area that you can then bring in for an interview. However, if the stars don’t quite align, you may find there are too many candidates or none at all.

The preferable situation is having too many options. In this case, you’ll probably be overwhelmed with impressive resumes. To wade through them, start by weeding out anyone who doesn’t have professional dance experience. Next, you’ll want to see if applicants have references you can call. A well-crafted resume can hide problems with work ethic or discipline skills. Don’t be afraid to do a little digging before you bring potential teachers in for interviews.

Writing a Job Description

If you choose to take the opposite approach and post a job listing, Dance Informa explained that it’s important to write a detailed and accurate description. Whether online, in a local paper or on a flier, a job posting should include the job title, a thorough description including typical duties and relationships, the qualifications needed, the time requirement and the location. You might also want to include the salary so applicants know exactly what to expect. Be clear in your expectations, so that your candidate pool is full of high-talent individuals from which to choose the best dance instructor.

Stick to What You Know

When in doubt, Dance Studio Life recommended that studio owners hire teachers they’ve worked with before. This can mean a former student, friend or colleague whose attitude and ability you’re familiar with. The blog explained that these instructors are more likely to absorb the studio’s culture quickly because they’re already familiar with you and your business style. You can also ask other studio owners for references.

Invite Candidates to Guest Teach

Don’t be afraid to give your final candidates a trial run. Dance Studio Coach suggested that you invite your favorite applicants to guest teach a few classes. This method allows you to see how your students interact with the teacher, observe his or her teaching style and note how comfortable the candidate is in front of a class. However, Dance Studio Coach explained that you’ll be expected to pay guest teachers, so discuss the pay rate in advance. Seeing a potential teaching candidate in action will help you make an informed decision when picking the best dance instructor for your studio.