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2015 Dance Costume Trends

Hottest Dance Costume Trends for 2015

If your studio has a big recital coming up at the end of the year, you’ve probably started to look for costumes. To keep things fresh, you might want to tap into popular trends that your dancers are sure to love. Use these dance costume trends for 2015 to put together your best recital yet and knock the socks off the parents.

Fiery color schemes

This year, the dance costume trends are hot, hot, hot! According to Curtain Call Costumes, color schemes of red, orange and black are extremely popular right now. Your little firecrackers will look great in red leotards and black tutus. They can also wear fun net or feather headpieces to embody the fireball theme. Fiery costumes are the perfect addition to a powerful routine, whether it’s ballet, contemporary, tap or hip-hop.

Woodland fairies

Another fun theme is the woodland fairy look. You’ll need an earthtone color scheme – browns, greens and off-whites work best. Curtain Call costumes suggests dressing up your look with fun flower accessories and gentle flowing hairstyles. If you’ve done this theme before, take it in a different direction and go for more of a bohemian look with fringe and flower headbands. The flowing skirts and delicate accessories will look marvelous as your performers twirl across the stage.

60s mod patterns

Dancers all over the country are paying homage to a fun and revolutionary time in history – the 1960s. The editor’s picks at Weissman Costumes highlight the bold patterns and fun color pops of the time. You’re sure to see lots of mod black and white in dance costumes in the coming months. Whether it’s pop art or optical illusions, these outfits are sure to make a bold statement in a tap or jazz recital.

Superheroes and villains

No matter how old kids get, they still love dressing up as superheroes. Curtain Call Costumes featured a host of sleek villain and hero costumes that are sure to thrill your audience and dancers. The mischievous villains dress from head to toe in black, while the super-dancers fight crime in sequined red, blue and gold outfits. These theatrical ensembles perfectly complement a strong gymnastic performance and will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Sparkles galore

It’s debatable whether glamor really ever goes out of style. Your young dancers are sure to want a glittery finale, so find them some unique sequined accessories. Sparkles aren’t just for leotards – there are some great shoes, gloves and headbands that can add a subtle pizzazz to any performance. Mixing up your use of sparkles will keep your dancers enthused and the costumes unique.