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Dance Studio Names

How to Choose Dance Studio Names

Choosing a name for your business is one of the most exciting and challenging parts of opening a dance studio. A company’s name is an essential part of its brand, so you’ll want to give the decision some serious thought. Use these considerations to narrow down your list of potential dance studio names so you can get on your way to opening the dance studio of your dreams.

Visualize Potential Dance Studio Names

Your studio name will be everywhere – on your sign, website, social media pages, advertisements and merchandise, just to name a few. Because a company’s name is often tied in with its logo, the Small Business Administration recommended that you think about how your potential names will look visually. Consider the length of each name, the punctuation you use and how it will fit with your logo.

Think About Connotation

Have you ever seen a business with a silly or childish name and immediately written it off? Or perhaps a company that’s name made it seem pretentious? Your studio’s title will often be the first thing people see, so you want to make sure it has an appropriate connotation. The SBA explained that a business name should reflect the company’s philosophy and culture, appeal to its target market and find a balance between corporate and casual.

Do Internet Research

Once you settle on a short list of dance studio names, head to the Internet for a little bit of recon. The fact of the matter is that web presence can often make or break a new studio. You’ll want to set up a website and a couple social media accounts to start networking and reaching potential students. Take your list of names and see if your ideal URLs and social media slugs are available. If there’s another company that already using your name, consider how customers would be able to tell you apart. If you’re located in the same region and offer the same services, that name should probably be nixed. Your studio title needs to be unique in order to stand out.

Be Aware of Common Mistakes

There are a number of common blunders that entrepreneurs often make when naming their business. Two big no-nos are names that are either too vague or too specific. Entrepreneur magazine noted that companies are often tempted to squish two words together in order to stand out. But, the end product seems forced and unnatural. Similarly, you don’t want to pick a name so complicated that patrons can’t remember how to spell it. Lots of dance studios like to use puns in their names, but make sure it doesn’t cross the line into cheesy. When in doubt, ask a few friends and relatives for their opinion on your potential list of dance studio names.