Your goal: A Perfect Performance.

Our role: To help you make it happen by eliminating the Ticket Frenzy.

Complete the form below and start focusing on your performance, not the ticketing drama.
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What is the Ticket Frenzy?

It’s the 40 to 60 stressful hours on average a dance studio owner has to spend dealing with ticketing during recital season.

That’s time that could be spent with your staff, students and families.

Time that could be pointed at perfecting the details of your performance.

Time that could be invested in growing your business.

It’s YOUR time.

This year, don’t be like the average studio owner. Avoid the Frenzy, take back the time.

 Try TutuTix instead!

We know what’s at stake.

We understand how important your annual recital or performance is. We realize why you are compelled to be involved in every detail. The goal is a perfect performance, and the stakes are high.

That’s why we’ve invested almost ten years, and thousands of hours, in crafting a service that we’re confident will meet and exceed your standards. It’s a beautiful dance of technology and teamwork, centered on superior customer service.

We’re experts on dance recital ticketing, and we’re here to keep the Ticket Frenzy at bay.

Relax, we’ve got this.

Just ask our client family:

TutuTix is one of the best recital resources on the market!

Not only do they take ALL of the stress out of ticketing for our shows, they are quite possibly the sweetest staff in the industry.

They are ready and willing to help at every turn, and provide all the support and encouragement you need as you get this process underway.

I can’t recommend or thank them enough!

Bradien, OR

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TutuTix took a load off of us with great customer service and we enjoyed the experience tremendously.

– Corey, MA


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It was so easy and my clients were HAPPY!

– Tina, WI


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TutuTix was the best! So easy for both the studio and our clients.

– Vanessa, NJ


Since 2010, we’ve helped over 2000 studios sell 10 MILLION recital tickets. We want to help you, too.

Not only are we great at selling your actual tickets, we’ve seen first hand the best practices to help you make more money, have happier patrons and parents, and best of all – avoid the Ticket Frenzy Drama!

Put TutuTix to Work for You: 3 Steps

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Sign Up

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Send It

Tell us about your performance: venue, ticket prices, on sale date, promo codes, and so on. Got complex needs? No Problem!
We’ve seen it all.


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Sit Back

Focus your effort and energy on your recital, and let us handle the ticketing.
We’ve got this.