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Simple SEO Tips for Dance Studio Websites

If your website is only showing up on page two or three of search engines, it may need an SEO boost. What’s SEO, you ask? It stands for “search engine optimization,” and in a nutshell, it’s the factors that help Google, Bing and other popular search sites rank their findings. SEO can be complicated, but there are a number of simple steps to¬†take to push dance studio websites¬†up the search engine ranks.

Focus on Local Keywords

The easiest way to improve your website’s SEO is to include keywords. They should be based on what your company has to offer and what makes you unique. Many times small businesses use general terms, like “dance studio” or “ballet classes.” While these keywords are a good start, they’re not specific enough to be helpful. In this pool, you’re competing with all the dance studios in the world! Hone down your keywords to those that pertain to your target market. Web Developer suggested starting with local SEO keywords. If you’re located in Dallas, your keywords might be “Dallas ballet studio,” “Dallas pointe classes” or “Dallas youth ballet.” You’ll want to incorporate these phrases throughout your website. Try to place keywords in your page titles, text, URLs and meta descriptions. If you’re unsure where any of these areas are, do a quick Google search or confer with a tech-savvy friend.

Increase Your Citations

Another simple way to climb the search engine ranks is to get more citations for your website. Citations are any other website where your business is mentioned. Whether it’s in an online phone directory or on a community blog, each “citation” of your business helps your SEO. Forbes magazine explained that citations are most effective when your company name is linked and accompanied by your phone number or address. The more quality citations you have, the higher your website will rank in searches. Joining your local chamber of commerce, sponsoring a community event, getting featured on a blog or even being listed in a plaza directory will all help increase your citations and SEO.

Provide Quality Content

The text on your website should be neat, clear and specific. Search Engine Watch noted that Google ranks well-written, on-topic content higher than sloppy or spammy text. You should aim to have at least 600 words per page. If some of your web pages are too short, consider combining or rewriting them. Everything should relate to your studio – no tangents! If you have a company blog associated with your website, follow the same guidelines while writing posts.