Alternating Sides in Your Across the Floor Exercises

across the floor

When going across the floor, it is important to practice the right and left iterations of skills. A few weeks ago in a jazz class, my students were reversing an across the floor progression to the left side, and the groans immediately started. I stopped the music and explained that one-sided dancers are one-minded dancers. […]

Ballet Vocabulary: 3 Easy Lesson Plan Ideas

ballet vocabulary

We’ve gotten great feedback about our article on Ballet Vocabulary Terms for Beginners, and have put together some ideas for easy class activities that teachers can include in their lesson plans. Do you have other activities that you use to teach the little ones essential vocab? Ballet and Dance Move Alphabet This one is great even for […]

Tips for Teaching the Chasse Step to Younger Dancers

chasse step

Chasse is a basic, fundamental skill for dancers. Here are some tips for teaching the chasse step progression. Chasse Step Progression 1) Younger dancers begin learning the chasse as a gallop. We pretend to ride our horses, placing one foot in front of the other and chasing it around the room. Even with my youngest […]

The Debate: Set Barre Work vs. Combinations

barre work

Nearly all dance teachers will agree that the barre work is an integral part of ballet practice. However, what many teachers don’t agree on is whether it’s better to do the same set barre work every week or different combinations. This very topic got lots of attention in the forum Ballet Talk For Dancers, where […]

Ballet Terminology: A Primer

ballet terminology

For new dancers and their parents, ballet terminology can be a bit intimidating. Many of the names for moves and positions are in French – and there’s so many of them! If you or your child’s first dance class has your heads spinning, don’t stress any longer. Read on for a overview of the basic […]

Styles of Ballet: An Overview

Here's an overview of the major styles of ballet.

Ballet has a rich history that goes back hundreds of years and spans various continents and countries. As a result, the has undergone many modifications as dancers and teachers incorporated new styles of ballet and techniques into their practice. Years of experimentation and artistic inspiration have established various ballet styles that each have special characteristics […]

Ballet Methods: What Are They?

ballet methods

If you need to get a lively conversation going at a party full of dancers and dance teachers, ask them which ballet method they think is the best.

Ballet Terms for Beginners

ballet terms for beginners

It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed going into your first ballet class. To get you started with confidence, here’s an overview of some common terms first-time ballerinas will need to know. 

The Nutcracker: An Enduring Dance Favorite

the nutcracker

If you’ve grown up in the dance world, you’ve most likely experienced the phenomenon that is The Nutcracker in some way. You’ve either danced in it as a mouse, party guest or snowflake, or maybe even as a coveted role such as Clara or the Sugar Plum Fairy. If you haven’t danced in it yourself, […]

Tiler Peck Stars in Little Dancer Musical

Tiler Peck in Kennedy Center's Little Dancer Musical

Tiler Peck, a principal dancer for the New York City Ballet, is starring in the new musical “Little Dancer,” which is based off the amazing 17th-century sculpture by Edgar Degas.