Host a Hair and Makeup Seminar for Competitive Dancers at Your Studio

hair and makeup

The hair and make-up process for dancers, especially competitive dancers, can be daunting. To help parents and dancers understand the process of creating a particular hair and make-up “look”, host a hair and makeup seminar where parents and children can go through the process. That way, they can go through the motions step-by-step, in a […]

Dance Life Hack: Fixing Your Powder Compact

powder compact

Dancers: do you ever waste make-up because your powder compact, eyeshadow, or blush crumbles too quickly? We’ve all dealt with the huge mess it creates! Here’s an easy life hack to fix your broken powder compact: Once the powder compact crumbles, press down all of the make-up with your fingers. Pour 1 1/2 tablespoons of […]

Tips for a Backstage Bravo!

Tips for a Backstage Bravo!

Some people think the “show” is what happens onstage at the spring recital, but every dance studio owner knows that the REAL show happens backstage! If you want to see a real symphony of choreography, watch the show from behind the curtains because that’s where the magic happens. Changing costumes, fixing makeup, getting kids lined […]