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Try It On! Dance Costumes Need to Fit, and Fit Well

Since our industry is in the midst of its show and performance season, it seems like a good time to reiterate the importance of requiring every students to have their costume and any apparel-based item, and try it on prior to leaving the studio.

The benefits include:

(1) It allows an opportunity for you to recognize/address any problems prior to the costume leaving your facility.

(2) It prepares you for questions/concerns a parent may have about a particular costume.

(3) It allows you to be proactive, informed, and knowledgeable.

Many times, a parent will present a question/concern without realizing the costume was tried on in class.

And, while many apparel issues can be resolved with a yank/tug and/or safety pins, it also presents the opportunity for you to intercept any major problems.

Keep in mind that many parents are not familiar with the fit and look of many dance costumes. Be the professional and guide them through the process. They will appreciate it, and you will feel confident in your dancers’ onstage look and appearance!

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