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Boosting Employee Morale

4 Ideas for Boosting Employee Morale

It’s that time of year again!  That time when we start to see our students feel the “mid-year slump” … which means they’re in need of some extra TLC and motivation in class as we push through the remaining cold weather months.  But did you know that your employees are probably feeling the slump too?  The post-winter break, dreary weather, pre-recital doldrums are VERY real for your team as well, whether they show it or not. But fear not, there are ways that make boosting employee morale a breeze!

I know you want to keep employee morale up ALL year long (I do too) so this time of year is perfect to recalibrate that dial.  Remember that keeping your team motivated and excited about work isn’t just about making them feel good; it’s about setting them up for success so they can do their best work for your studio and dance families.

If you’re expecting a high level of performance from your team, it’s in your best interest to ensure they are working in an environment conducive to reaching goals and seeing results.  Taking the time to keep their morale up will continue to benefit your business in this way. Keep reading to learn more about my 4 Ideas for Boosting Employee Morale, and see if you can give everyone’s spirits a little lift!

Here are my 4 Ideas for Boosting Employee Morale:

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  1. Solicit their feedback and suggestions  
Although not every business decision you make is a democratic one, you can choose to allow your team’s suggestions to be heard on decisions that affect them. People are energized when they contribute to their organization’s success, so by being open to their feedback, you are letting your team know that they—and their opinions—matter.
Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you should have a free-for-all on feedback! It is still important that you communicate when your people have a “voice” versus when they have a “vote.” But everyone’s confidence gets a boost when they know that you are actively listening and that you care about what they think.
  1. Have fun together outside of work
Perhaps this is “easier said than done” when it comes to scheduling, but getting together with your team just for fun can be a MAJOR morale booster! This could be as simple as a Sunday brunch, or as involved as a weekend retreat. The idea is to create a relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy each other’s company, without any work pressures or agendas. These group experiences away from the studio humanize you and them by taking everyone out of the usual routine. Think bonding activities like bowling or visiting an escape room; or entertainment, such as a game night at your house or seeing a show together.
You don’t have to hold these types of events often, but make it a point to schedule at least a few each season. Be prepared to pick up the tab, and consider inviting spouses or significant others into the mix too!
  1. Discover their “language of appreciation”
You may have heard of The 5 Love Languages before, a book by Gary Chapman. Well, he also has a  companion book, authored with Paul White, called The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. The concept behind the book is that different personality styles value different expressions of appreciation, and it’s important to tap into your employees’ preferences in order to show appreciation in a meaningful way.
What’s most important is to learn what is motivating for your team members! For example, if you have an employee who values tangible gifts, they are going to feel appreciated when you bring them a Starbucks gift card. Another employee, however, may feel more motivated by quality time, and so scheduling regular check-ins with that person is going to bring more value to them than Starbucks does.
  1. Offer consistent praise and encouragement
When you see an employee doing something great, honor it! Don’t wait. Praise often, as soon as you witness a positive interaction or grace under pressure. And don’t hesitate to praise publicly, especially in front of other team members.
As a studio owner, it’s easy to get caught up in giving constant corrections, but by offering frequent and deserving praise, you are showing your employees that you notice their efforts. Everyone loves being lifted up for a job well done, and finding these moments of praise demonstrates that you’re committed to finding a balance between compliments and criticism.
I challenge you to use all four of these ideas to give your team an extra boost and some well-earned pats-on-the-back. Your employees are the conduit to your customers, and so the more confident and positive they feel, the better they can serve. Allow them to be heard and encourage their successes. Share in the comments below if you have experienced a great return on your investment into employee morale!  I’d love to hear about it.

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