Sparkly Dance Costumes: How to Keep Glitter on Costumes

sparkly dance costumes

Sparkly dance costumes look fantastic on stage! But it’s not so fantastic when you start noticing glitter anywhere and everywhere the costume has been. If your dancer has a particularly sparkly dance costume for recital or competition, how can you keep that glitter where it belongs: on the costume? Check out this quick solution to […]

Late Payment: How to Handle Tuition Tardiness

late payment for dance studios

Anyone ever have to deal with the problem of late payment and tuition tardiness? Something along the lines of: The season just started and already families have missed their first payment The season is well underway and a family has a big sum owed plus their continued monthly tuition A family never finished paying for […]

What’s Trending for Dance Costumes 2017?

dance costumes 2017

We’re fresh off our UDMA experience, and can’t get over how many amazing costume options are in style this year. Are you ready to make the move and start choosing recital costumes for next year? Check out this list of trending styles and costume ordering strategies for Dance Costumes 2017.     We heard from […]

Who Owns Choreography Dance Moves?

choreography dance moves

Ownership of choreography dance moves is a tricky subject. When a choreographer puts their body into motion and pen to paper, they’re creating an original expressive piece that takes their personal experience and creativity and translates it into a work of art. Once it’s put into a tangible medium, you can apply copyright protections to […]

Getting Patrons to Invest in Your Studio

invest in your studio

As a dance studio owner, you’re always looking for more opportunities to bring in some extra money and to invest in your studio. That investment might be new equipment, new staff, or the resources to host a second recital performance. Most studios rely on classes, costumes, recitals, and possibly studio rentals for their major income. […]

Dance Choreography Ideas: Choreography with a Strong Story

dance choreography ideas

Sometimes, creative inspiration quickly strikes and you know exactly what story you’ll be telling through your choreography. Other times, it’s a little more difficult. Here are some tips that will help you tell a stronger story.

How to Become a Dancer

how to become a dancer

Being a dancer is about so much more than just learning choreography and proper technique. It’s about what’s happening on the inside, in a dancer’s soul.