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dance costumes 2017

What’s Trending for Dance Costumes 2017?

We’re fresh off our UDMA experience, and can’t get over how many amazing costume options are in style this year. Are you ready to make the move and start choosing recital costumes for next year? Check out this list of trending styles and costume ordering strategies for Dance Costumes 2017.



We heard from The Line Up that they’ve seen 5 big trends so far this year:

  1. Graphic Branding: printing logos or other text onto fabric
  2. Printed Lace Designs on Mesh: for the illusion of a lace “tattoo” over the primary fabric
  3. The “Jersey” Look: mirroring athletics, sports jerseys, and cheer
  4. Sparkling Designs: printing flowers or other designs over sparkling fabric
  5. The “Romantic” Look: lace, fabric layers, rhinestones

A big part of several these design ideas is the use of a new printing technique, sublimation (The Line Up describes it as the ability to essentially design your own fabric at an affordable cost).

What other costume styles are on your radar? We’d love to update this article with feedback from studios!

Profitable Recital Costumes Start Now

Misty Lown of “More Than Just Great Dancing” wrote an amazing article for us with 5 of the best solutions she’s found to make the studio costume experience a positive one, and a profitable one! And it starts with:

  1. Ordering EARLY (like, think Thanksgiving)
  2. Measuring and ordering ACCURATELY (having one person do the measurements and being consistent)

You can read Misty’s full article for the rest of her strategies here!

A Quick Note on Reusing Costumes

Before you even get started shopping around online for potential costumes for sale that fit your ideas, take a look at last year’s costumes and see what you’ve got to work with. With some creativity and the right tools, studios hoping to save on costumes this year can get to work repurposing old costumes in a way that gives new life to great pieces.