Coffee + Creativity: Spread Some Sparkle!

Burned out? Needing some inspo? Perspective on How to Survive + Thrive in the Coming Weeks: For You and Your Studio!    She’s also creating an amazing companion PDF!  

Coffee + Creativity: Playing the Long Game

Playing the Long Game: Making Sure You Are Prepared Now is the time to start planning for the different possibilities of “normal”. Take steps today to guarantee you aren’t overwhelmed tomorrow.  

Coffee + Creativity: The Digital Difference

Chasta Hamilton shares her studio’s digital transition and the creation of Stage Door Dance Digital! They’ve been digital since March 16th and have even added 20 new students from across the country! Learn how in “The Digital Difference: Creative Ideas + Strategies for Your Online Classes”    She’s also creating an amazing companion PDF! […]

Stretch Guide by mUvmethod

TutuTix & mUvmethod Dance Stretch Guide

Looking for a systemized approach to stretching? One that saves you time and actually works? One that is balanced and effective? One that safely improves flexibility, mobility, and muscle recruitment, while decreasing pain and risk of overuse injuries? Then look no further; this stretch guide is for you! Our Systemize Your Stretch Efforts Guide will […]

Top 5 Dance Podcasts

Dance Podcasts

Podcasts have become immensely popular, and there is an unbelievable number of them out there. They are great to listen to in the car, at your desk, during your workout. There is find one for every interest and hobby. Dance podcasts are no exception. So we’ve put together our top 5 dance podcasts for you to […]

Competition Preparedness

Competition Preparedness

Competitions are an exciting experience, but competition preparedness is key. Because without it, they can be an incredibly stressful time. As a studio owner, staff member, or parent-volunteer, you have the responsibility to relay detailed information, expectations, and general reminders of preparedness to our parents and students to ensure a pleasant, positive, and organized experience […]

Back Injuries Common for Dancers: What You Need to Know

Back Injuries

In a previous article, we covered 5 of the more common dance injuries. At the top of the list was Lumbosacral injuries, more commonly known as the lower back area. It is the base of the spine and crucial to the connection between the upper and lower body. But this is not the only area of the […]

Nutcracker Remake: Should One of the Greats be Changed?

Nutcracker Remake Image

Nutcracker Remake: Preservation or Progress This article is not a review of the upcoming movie. It is not to persuade or dissuade people from seeing it. But there is a question that ought to be considered. Much of the footwork in the remake of this classic ballet comes from sword fighting. Mother Ginger or the […]

TutuTix Offers Free Recital Tickets (OFFICIAL RELEASE)

(BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, March 2, 2015) TutuTix today announced that it will begin offering free printed tickets to all dance studios and performance companies who use TutuTix to sell recital tickets online. TutuTix Co-Founder Eric Housh said that the service is designed to make the recital ticketing experience even more drama-free. “Even though our studio clients […]