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TutuTix & mUvmethod Dance Stretch Guide

Stretch Guide by mUvmethod

Looking for a systemized approach to stretching? One that saves you time and actually works? One that is balanced and effective? One that safely improves flexibility, mobility, and muscle recruitment, while decreasing pain and risk of overuse injuries? Then look no further; this stretch guide is for you!

Our Systemize Your Stretch Efforts Guide will introduce you to some key concepts that, if properly implemented, can be used to alleviate some of your biggest stretching challenges.

If you are a dancer, dance instructor or dance studio owner looking to:

  • Save Time
  • Maximize Your Stretch Efforts
  • Stretch All Muscle Groups (not just your hamstrings and inner hips) 
  • Avoid Overstretching
  • Avoid Under Stretching
  • Create Consistency
  • Safely Improve Overall Flexibility and Mobility
  • Decrease Pain and Risk of Injury

Then our Systemize Your Stretch Efforts Guide is for YOU!

This stretch guide will introduce the following concepts:

  • What Regulates Flexibility
  • How To Approach Stretching
  • How To Avoid Stretch Pitfalls
  • How To Avoid Overstretching
  • How To Create A Balanced Stretch Sequence

….and provide you with step-by-step instructions to one of our signature (and VERY effective) mUvStretch sequences.

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muVmethod - TutuTix Stretch Guide

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