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Dance Recital Stress? The Fastest Ways To Relieve Stress Before A Recital

Dance Recital Stress? Great Ways For Dancers To Relieve Stress Before A Recital

Most dancers know that dance recitals can be stressful. They’re a culmination of a dancer’s hard work all season. They’ll put in endless hours to practice their performances to make sure they nail every move perfectly. However, when the day of the recital finally arrives, you’re still uncertain whether you’ll be able to perform every single step perfectly. What if something goes wrong? What if your music skips or your costume tears? So what are you to do? Consider these five tips on how to relieve your dance recital stress as quickly as possible.

1. Talk To A Friend

One of the fastest ways to reduce anxiety and lower your heart rate is to talk to a friend, noted. Having a light, easy conversation can help distract you from overreacting to any type of stressful event, including dance recitals. Talking to someone you know and trust can make you feel safe and comfortable, allowing you to relax and forget your worries about dancing. Usually this feeling of safety is subconscious, which is why it’s so effective. The body will pick up on nonverbal cues, such as a smile, a hug or another warm gesture and begin to relax in that person’s presence. However, this interaction should be be in-person in order to work, so  calling up your best friend who isn’t attending the show might not have the same effect.

2. Meditate And Walk

Meditating and walking is a fast and easy trick that only takes four minutes to complete, Real Simple magazine noted. The act of doing both at the same time helps distract the brain from the stressful event at hand and instead focus on the present, which allows dancers to lower their blood pressure and helps them gain clarity before hitting the stage.

A few minutes before your performance, inhale and take four steps forward. Then, exhale and take another four steps. Repeat the process and add a few steps in each time. Try to complete this exercise in at least three minutes. The longer you do it, the better off you’ll be. Regulating your breathing is one of the easiest ways to reduce your stress and steady your heart rate, reducing amount of the hormone cortisol that is released. This exercise is perfect if you’re sitting in the hallway or a back room waiting to go on stage.

3. Have Some Dark Chocolate

When you’re stressed, you might begin to eat everything in a desperate attempt to soothe your nerves. Of course, eating the wrong things could cause you to feel bloated and possibly give you an upset stomach before the show. Instead of eating anything within reach, grab a bar of dark chocolate, Health magazine suggested. Believe it or not, this sweet is known for its stress-relieving properties. Dark chocolate isn’t very high in sugar, which can actually make you feel more anxious. Studies have shown that it can help lower the levels of cortisol running through your body, making you feel calmer.

4. Step Outside

If you’re really feeling overwhelmed watching dancers practice and get ready around you, simply step outside for a moment. Getting some fresh air and taking a few deep breaths can help you relax, feel calm and allow you to forget about those small worries. Don’t have a minute to go out? Bring along a little lavender or lavender oil, which is a proven elixir for stress relief and can help regulate your immune system and bring it back to normal levels.

5. Listen to Calming Music

If you’ve got a little time to burn before you strut your stuff, listen to some music with a calm, relaxing melody. Find a quiet space away from the din of the recital and drift away to the soothing music. Research has shown that when people listen to calming music, their brain waves will align with slow rhythm and immediately cause you to relax.