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Dance Teacher Workshops to Sharpen Your Skills

Though most of your time is probably spent inside the studio with your classes, stepping outside to explore your own learning experiences is integral to being a great dance teacher. Expanding your perspectives and skills improves your abilities as a teacher, and, by extension, creates a dynamic classroom environment that fosters growth for your students. By regularly attending dance teacher workshops, you are supporting your own growth and development.

Traveling to dance teacher workshops for a few days takes you out of your element so you can better focus on not only your identity as a teacher, but your artistic identity as a dancer, and this growth in turn benefits your studio.

There are a wide range of dance teacher workshops across the country, so whatever areas you would like to focus on, there’s a workshop for you. Check out our list of some exciting dance teacher workshops being offered in 2016:

Horton Teacher Workshop, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Two four-day sessions of this popular workshop are held in New York City from July 11-22: Introductory/Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced. Attendees are immersed in the Horton dance technique and learn about how to train their students to better adapt to different dance styles and dance with correct body alignment. The workshops are taught by Ana Marie Forsythe, Chair of the Horton Department at the Ailey School and co-author of “The Dance Technique of Lester Horton.” Dance teachers can attend Horton classes at the Ailey School at this program, which emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning. The deadline for registration is June 30, 2016.

Summer Dance Institute for Teachers, Creative Dance Institute

A two-week course held July 18-29 is offered at the Creative Dance Center in Seattle that delves into the philosophy of “brain-compatible teaching,” which explores the connection between cognition and movement. Attendees will learn best practices in dance education methods, improve their management methods and strengthen their understanding and application of the core dance standards. In addition, attendees can take evening classes at the Creative Dance Center free of charge. A discount is offered for registering before May 15.

Annual Teacher Workshop, The Pulse On Tour

The Pulse On Tour and Broadway Dance Teacher present this exciting workshop in New York City, now in its 16th year. The workshop, held July 28-30, provides dance teachers with a wealth of fun learning experiences. Teachers can participate in 55 classes in all dance styles and attend seminars on topics like public relations for the studio, business strategies, choreography labs and finding a unique voice. The workshops also feature industry experts and faculty from The Pulse – some of which have been on TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance and others who have worked at top dance companies.

Dance Teacher Summit, DanceTeacher magazine

Presented by Dance Teacher magazine, the Dance Teacher Summit will be offered on both the East and West coast for the first time ever – it will be held in New York City July 29-31 and Long Beach, CA August 5-7. Created for dance teachers, educators and studio owners, the summit aims to “re-energize [their] passion for the art and the business of teaching dance,” according to the website – and it delivers on this promise through a jam-packed schedule of exciting activities. Learn advanced teaching method and smarter business practices and check out cutting-edge vendors. There’s also a glitzy fashion show promoting the trendiest styles of recital costumes and a cocktail party, along with the A.C.E. Award Competition spotlighting up-and-coming choreographers and online access to educational materials and videos after the summit ends.