Dance Studio Software Reviews: 2020

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For the sixth year in a row, we are excited to present the survey results collected from our annual dance studio software reviews survey. We asked dance studio owners to answer questions about their dance studio management software, and over 500 studio owners did just that. If you’ve considered investing in software to help you […]

Fun Ideas to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Younger Dancers

celebrate thanksgiving

The holiday season is underway! With Halloween behind us, check these great activities, songs, dances, and fun costume ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving at your studio! Thanksgiving-Themed Games Ideally, activities for a dance class will have kids running and moving If you’re looking for some fun games to play in the classroom, Dance Exploration put together […]

Planning Recital Pictures Ahead of Time

recital pictures

Want to make your recital picture days as efficient as possible? Pre-plan the classes’ portrait poses, so that they can be immediately prepared when they enter the photo room. There are several things to think about when planning your studio’s recital photos. But, if you put in a little preparation you’ll save yourself stress and […]

How to Add Rhinestone Designs to Dance Costumes

How to Add Rhinestone Designs to Dance Costumes

Everyone knows how important a great dance costume is. All of the hard work and practice put into routines by dancers deserves to be highlighted in a special and beautiful way, and a costume can do just that! If you’re like any of the studio owners I know, you put in TONS of time and […]

The 5 Best Dance Movies of the 2000’s

best dance movies

When you’re talking about the best dance movies of all time, nothing beats the classics. From the signature lift in “Dirty Dancing” to the final audition scene in “Flashdance​,” the classics embody traditional ballet and ballroom dance styles. All the while, they narrate charming love stories and show what it takes to be a successful dancer. But, […]

Expressing Yourself Through Choreography

Expressing Yourself Through Choreography

Dance is a medium for expressing yourself, and as a teacher you have the freedom to push your creativity to the limit through choreography. There’s two sides to choreographing recital pieces for your classes: the side that challenges your students but also recognizes the limits of their skill level, and the side that lets your […]

Earning A Degree in Dance: Choosing The Right School

Earning A Degree in Dance

If you’re considering dance as a profession, earning a university degree can and should be on your radar. While a degree in dance is certainly not the only option available for dreamers looking to dedicate themselves to the art, it is a well-established path to technical proficiency and documentable learning. As you start preparing applications […]

Dance Teacher Education: Strengthen Your Own Identity as a Dancer

dance teacher education

Teaching dance is a fulfilling career that allows you to share your passion with others. A dance teacher education can be a combination of performance, formal training, and other experiences with dance. After dancing their entire lives, some dancers decide to devote their time to teaching. However, dance teachers lead busy, hectic lives ruled by […]

Ballet Terminology: A Primer

ballet terminology

For new dancers and their parents, ballet terminology can be a bit intimidating. Many of the names for moves and positions are in French – and there’s so many of them! If you or your child’s first dance class has your heads spinning, don’t stress any longer. Read on for a overview of the basic […]