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The 5 Best Dance Movies of the 2000’s

When you’re talking about the best dance movies of all time, nothing beats the classics. From the signature lift in “Dirty Dancing” to the final audition scene in “Flashdance​,” the classics embody traditional ballet and ballroom dance styles. All the while, they narrate charming love stories and show what it takes to be a successful dancer.

But, if your dancers are looking for more modern films, filled with new dance styles and values upheld by the dance industry today, they are in luck. Here are five must-see dance films of the 2000’s:

1. Center Stage (2000)

The cast of “Center Stage” is composed of professional dancers, making the routines and performances. “Center Stage”, as IMDb described, tells the story of 12 students at the American Ballet Academy who make great sacrifices to become stars in the world of competitive dance. This film addresses not only the struggles of dance, but also the passion it takes to succeed.

2. Honey (2003)

Honey (played by Jessica Alba) is an aspiring music video choreographer who finally gets her chance, but refuses to compromise her values to make it big. All the while, she opens a dance school for the youth of her community. According to Rotten Tomatoes, this film is an audience favorite for its high-energy hip hop routines, its illustration of the value of dance and the message to always stay true to yourself.

3. Step Up (2006)

“Step Up” blends old styles with new, as an affluent, trained ballet dancer teams up with a rebellious street dancer for a performance that will determine her future. In this film, versatility, originality and a little bit of risk are all celebrated and marked as key elements to becoming a successful dancer in today’s era. The original “Step Up” now has four sequels, all rated favorably by The Movie DB.

4. Stomp the Yard (2007)

Sony Pictures’ “Stomp the Yard” introduces step, as underground street dancer DJ finds himself in a competitive step group when he enters college. This film addresses the heritage of step, the importance of balance and, ultimately, the rewards of teamwork.

5. Footloose (2011)

A remake of a classic, the 2000’s “Footloose” tells the same story of a rebellious teen who revives dance in a rural small town that outlawed loud music and dancing in response to a tragedy. According to E News’ movie review, the new film upholds the sanctity of the classic with original dance moves and pieces of dialog, but puts a modern, exciting twist on the 1984 film with catchy music and entertaining choreography. For both younger dancers who want something more modern and older dancers who love the classic, the new “Footloose” is a must-see.

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