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Resurrecting Your Recital, Part II: Reviving the Excitement!

Recitals are back, baby! While you may be bubbling with excitement for show days, others may need a reminder about WHY this is an exciting time.

Here are five ways to build the hype within your community, so everyone can share in the fun and celebration!

1) Make It Educational and Informative.

How can you turn your recital routines into engaging conversation points?

Maybe you’re discussing the music selection, the choreography inspiration, or the rationale behind the theme or choreography concept.

The more you can make the routine experience bigger than the dancers’ time within the studio, the more meaningful students will feel towards their performance.

2) Get the Parents Involved.

The strongest extracurricular programs celebrate the trifecta of parent, participant, and instructor.

To boost parent engagement:

  • Share the music link
  • Share a home practice video
  • Invite them to an in-studio sneak peek prior to the big performance day (this is a great way to distribute key information as well)

3) Keep the Stress to a Minimum.

Has something historically been high stress about your shows (e.g., ticketing, seating, backstage, or merchandise orders)?

Think of ways to make things as easy and fun as possible.

4) Embrace the Theme.

How can you infuse the excitement of the show into your studio’s culture?

  • Decorate the building
  • Discuss the benefits of performance
  • Celebrate the accomplishment!

5) Be Generous with Praise.

We’ve waited a long time for performances to return! Even if there are bumps and hiccups, don’t forget how important it is to spread joy through the process of performing. When dancers feel good about their performance, they’ll want to do it again. This is a win-win for our dance studios!

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Chasta Hamilton is the Owner/Artistic Director of Stage Door Dance Productions in Raleigh, NC, and the Founder/President of the non-profit Girls Geared for Greatness. She authored the best-selling book Trash The Trophies: How to Win Without Losing Your Soul and continued sharing her story in her TEDx talk “You Weren’t Built to Break.” She loves sharing what she’s learned while empowering other studio owners to pursue truth, purpose, and passion in their unique journeys.

Follow Chasta on Instagram at @chastahamilton and connect with her online at

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