Dancer Burnout: How to Get Students Through the Season

dancer burnout

It’s the middle of the season. Are routines are looking fine but feeling tired? Are dancers going through the motions but also holding back? Have you heard more complaining than usual? You’ve got the warning signs of some imminent dancer burnout. Few things are more natural for dancers, athletes, or people who practice their talent […]

Dance Teacher Education: Strengthen Your Own Identity as a Dancer

dance teacher education

Teaching dance is a fulfilling career that allows you to share your passion with others. A dance teacher education can be a combination of performance, formal training, and other experiences with dance. After dancing their entire lives, some dancers decide to devote their time to teaching. However, dance teachers lead busy, hectic lives ruled by […]

The Debate: Set Barre Work vs. Combinations

barre work

Nearly all dance teachers will agree that the barre work is an integral part of ballet practice. However, what many teachers don’t agree on is whether it’s better to do the same set barre work every week or different combinations. This very topic got lots of attention in the forum Ballet Talk For Dancers, where […]

Styles of Ballet: An Overview

Here's an overview of the major styles of ballet.

Ballet has a rich history that goes back hundreds of years and spans various continents and countries. As a result, the has undergone many modifications as dancers and teachers incorporated new styles of ballet and techniques into their practice. Years of experimentation and artistic inspiration have established various ballet styles that each have special characteristics […]

Making Creative Movement Lesson Plans

creative movement lesson plans

Creative movement is offered as a class at many dance studios and is designed to introduce children to the idea of expressing themselves through movement.

Summer Dance Ideas to Increase Studio Income

Summer Dance Ideas to Increase Studio Income

While it’s hard to imagine lazy days of sun during not-so-fun January, it’s a good time to start thinking about how you will generate revenue for your studio during the summer.

Teaching Dance in Schools

Teaching Dance in Schools

For dance teachers who have only taught at studios, teaching at a school provides many rewarding opportunities to positively impact students and the rest of the community.

7 Ways to Ensure a Strong Dance Summer

7 Ways to Ensure a Strong Dance Summer

As I sit down to write this article, it’s 10 below zero outside the doors of my studio. We are in the depths of winter in Wisconsin and summer is on my mind. But, I’m not thinking about vacations or visits to the local pool. My mind is fixed on the programming I can offer […]