Winter Show = GO!

It’s that weird time of year where it still kinda feels like summer, but the routine of the academic calendar is returning with back to school and back to dance.  In the midst of it all, NOW is the time to say “yes!” to some type of winter show. Here are 3 reasons why:  1. […]

Time to Get it Done: Bossing Up and Being Present

Girl in butterfly costume

Happy New Year!  We are still trucking through the COVID-19 crisis and salvaging our businesses. But we have more knowledge than ever and gain more with each and every day! It’s 2021, and that means it is time to GET IT DONE.  One of my favorite quotes is:  “You can’t talk butterfly language with caterpillar […]

DIY Dance Studio Decor on a Budget

DIY Dance Studio Decor, On a Budget

If you’re a new studio owner looking for some ideas on decorating your new space or just looking to refresh your current space, you might be seeking out a DIY way to create dance studio decor that won’t break the bank! Decorating can be so stressful, time consuming and expensive—especially when you’re doing DIY projects […]

Dance Registration That Rocks

Dance Registration That Rocks

It’s THAT time of year again! Yes, you know it…. ZERO time. Zero time? Yes. That’s what I call the period after recital. In my world, it looks something like this: From eating out every day at rehearsals to ZERO food in the fridge at home the next week. From 800 students on the day […]