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Work Life Balance as a Studio Owner: Can It Be Done?

Being a studio owner and achieving a work life balance can seem flat-out impossible!  But what if we are just thinking of the word “balance” in the wrong way?

I’ve come to the conclusion that we have to change our definition of the word.  Instead of “balance” meaning equal attention at all times, I propose that we adopt the mentality that “balance” means the right amount of attention at any given time.  In other words, we could stop striving for the seesaw of our lives to be level.  We could strive instead to make sure it functions well; that each side can go up and down as needed.  That, to me, is more like a balance that reflects real life!

For example, there will be times where you simply need to be all-in with your family.  Maybe you have a vacation planned, a new baby, or an emergency. And there will be times that you’re all-in with the studio because it’s peak registration or recital week or an employee quits.  Just because you are all-in with one area of your life doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong! There will always be some give-and-take, and the balance may shift accordingly.

So what can you do to achieve just the right (proportionate!) balance in YOUR life day-to-day?  Keep reading to learn more about my 4 Tips to Achieve Your Best Work Life Balance.

Here are my 4 Tips to Achieve Your Best Work/Life Balance:

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  1. Know that flexibility is required
    Devoting time to your work at the studio and having family time means that being flexible has to be part of your DNA.  To find your best version of balance, it helps to be able to think on your feet and adapt when needed.  A balanced day doesn’t always have to abide by a strict schedule! It’s very likely that no two days will look alike, but they can all have a sense of balance if you remain flexible.
  1. Establish your boundaries
    Achieving balance often requires having a few, firm guidelines for yourself when it comes to boundaries.  For example, you may need to set limits on the times you will read and respond to emails so that you aren’t stuck to a screen during family time.  Or you may have to set non-negotiable studio work hours for each week, where your family knows that interruptions are for emergencies only. Using boundaries effectively gives me great peace of mind, especially during busy times.
  2. Open yourself up to change|
    During different seasons of life, know that you may have to get comfortable changing what your work/life balance looks like.  When your kids are young, you may require more time at home with them instead of at the studio. Or if your studio experiences a growth spurt, you may find that you need to dedicate more hours there on certain days of the week.  Establish points of the year to re-evaluate what a successful work/life balance means to YOU and then take action to achieve it. It’s OK to change it up as needed.
  3. Be in the moment
    If you’re finding balance in your life in proportionate ways, quality will always trump quantity!  Think about your intentions behind the time you do have, with your family or your studio.  Let’s say you have an employee who rarely gets face time with you … when you see that person, make a point to connect.  Ask how things are going, get feedback from them about their work, and let them know you care. Your intentional efforts to use your time wisely will reflect positively in every area of your life.

Discovering your ideal work/life balance won’t be a one-time thing; you’ll continue to figure out what works well (and what doesn’t) as you move forward.  I invite you to share in the comments below what your own experience of balance is like right now … and how it has changed over time.

Remember, it’s OK to give yourself permission to find balance in your own unique way!  Your life as a studio owner will sometimes be unpredictable, but using these 4 tips can help you stay on track to juggle it all with grace.  I believe in you!

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