Independence Day, Lobby Edition

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During the pandemic, many dance studios closed their lobbies and found alternative ways to successfully execute administrative tasks and serve their populations.  This shift was a positive change for our dance studio locations. By repurposing our former lobbies, we now have more productive workspaces that serve a variety of functions. If you’re considering doing the same, […]

The Flow of Your Show: Making Transitions Happen

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The flow of your show is key to keeping clients happy and pleased with your year-end performances. The goal should be a quick, seamless, and stress-free performance, which requires a significant amount of time and strategy on the back end. The number one place where planning and flow can go awry is at the transition […]

Dance Parents: 8 Tips for Managing Parents at Your Studio

dance parents

Every studio, at some point, has to manage difficult situations involving dance parents. The Dance Exec’s Studio has been in that position numerous times, and parent management is a skill that must be continually honed and evolved in order to be effective and productive. Before sharing information that The Dance Exec’s Studio has found beneficial, […]

First Impressions Still Matter

First Impressions Still Matter

In business we call it “first impressions.” Psychologists call it “thin slicing.” Regardless of what you call it, career experts say it takes just three seconds for someone to determine whether they like you and want to do business with you. According to (2015), you have even less time to make a good first […]

Parent Bullying: Rude, Demanding Dance Parents That Bully Schools

parent bullying

I discovered an article about parent bullying in The Dallas Morning News entitled The Rude, Demanding Parents Who Bully Schools by Robert Evans and Michael G. Thompson. While I hope you haven’t encountered or experienced rude or bullying parents, there’s a chance they may cross your path at some point. The linked article offers examples for identifying the 3 types/patterns […]

Parent Teacher Conference for Dancers

Parent Teacher Conference for Dancers

Looking back, I feel like I have had three different lives as a studio owner: Studio owner before kids. Studio owner with young kids. Studio owner with kids in other activities. Before I had children, my studio centered on the needs of the classes. Whatever worked best for the classes took first place. If we […]

Dance Photography: 4 Photography Tips

Dance Photography: 4 Tips

If you’re a photographer, or simply a parent who’s taken an interest in photography, you want to get the best possible photos every time. Consider these suggestions on how to do it.

The Worst Dance Mom Ever

The Worst Dance Mom Ever

It’s official. The Worst Dance Mom Awards are out and the winner is (insert drumroll)…me. Shocked? Don’t be. Many dance studio owners and teachers have a unique ability to organize the competition and recital experiences of hundreds of children while seemingly forgetting about their own offspring. I think it must be a strange survival mechanism […]

Tricks for Perfect Performance Hair Every Time

Whether you’re a dance teacher putting finishing touches on your student’s updos or a parent struggling to tame a curly mane, use these tricks to perfect dance performance hairdos every time.